Monday, February 14, 2022

Who's Holding my Keys?

Look what I have for you today!  This one is for a Craft Room De Stash Challenge!  My favorite!  ('Helps me lower the ridiculous amount of my hoarded supplies.)

 These talented bloggers are participating, too!

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I wonder what supplies they will choose?

DIY Whimsical Owl Key Holder

Let's get started.  Everything for this project was tucked away in my messy craft room.

Handsome Husband looked thru his wood scraps and cut out this shape.  Right now, it kind of looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost.  I may ask for a few sizes this fall and create a family of goblins.  Stick with me! ;-) It's not a ghoul this time!

For the base coat, a soft medium gray felt like the right choice.

Chalk helps me decide how wings and other attributes might land.  It easily wipes away so I can experiment as much as I like.  Once all the features have been laid out, the fun can begin!  My favorite part is adding color!

Hey!  It no longer looks like Casper! ;-) I used a fan brush to create rounded teal feathers for the chest and tummy.  Next, a small flat brush highlights with white.  Ripe Tomato is the paint color for the beak's first layer, and white for the eyes.

These are all the different paints that got glopped here and there.

Here's where I stopped playing.

Next white cup holder hooks were added for toes to hold keys.

All done!

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;-) -Marci


  1. This is too cute and adorable, Marci! What a cool idea and I love the play on words!

  2. That is utterly adorable! What a clever use of that shape. I love your owl, they have the most excellent eyebrows!

  3. Your whimsical owl is so cute and the hooks are perfect for acting as feet/claws. Adorable key holder!

  4. I love this key holder, and I definitely need one. The owl is too cute! You did a wonderful job painting it.

  5. I love the effect you have created with the fan brush, what a great technique, never mind a fun project,

  6. How fun! I love the painted owl face. Great idea for holding keys.


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