Sunday, October 10, 2021

Bible Journaling with Junk Mail as Free Trace - ables

Psalm 16:2  I say to the Lord, "You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you."

Today, I'm using my Illuminated Scripture Journal of The Psalms from Crossway along with an image I swiped from a mail order catalog.  Tools include tracing paper, carbon paper, a pencil, watercolors, brushes, and a red and a green Crayola marker.

Here's the "before" photo.  A few pages already have scripture written on what is normally the blank side.  I love having alternating pages available for my scribbles to Jesus.

Isn't this artwork pretty?  How many times does our Bibles reference streams and water?

My project begins by tracing the image, making those trees look more like ones around Arkansas.  I was thinking rounded maples and tall, solid oaks.  Without the artist's original colors, the picture made me think of a country road in Autumn.

Needing a mirror image, I just flipped over what I had traced and used carbon paper to transfer the picture to my page.

This particular set of watercolors came from Target.  If I remember correctly, it was only $10 in the children's crafty section.

Adding color is my favorite part!  With watercolors, I begin with the lighter shades and allow my page to dry for five minutes.  Then the medium shades are added, and the page is given time to dry again.  Lastly, the darkest colors.

Please notice the leaves, both in the trees and on the ground, are just splots of color.  For the ones floating in the breeze, I loaded my brush and flicked the paint onto my page.

Red marker was added to the lettering already in my Bible.

How would you imagine illustrating this verse?

;-)  -Marci

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