Monday, April 12, 2021

Watercolor Greeting Card Ideas for Mother's Day

Spring has arrived.  So far, our April weather has been glorious!  Is it just me or are the redbud trees extra pretty this year?

Today, I'm participating in a Spring Craft Challenge with these lovely bloggers:


My project begins with inspiration from these two posts, Watercolor and Doodle Cards and Simple Doodle Button Flower Cards, from Julia at Sum of their Stories.

Watercolor paper was cut to greeting card size.  Using a souvenir pressed penny from the Dallas Aquarium as a pattern, an oval was drawn with my yellow marker near the top center of the page.  Outer bands of color were added in medium and dark pink.  Using the same pressed penny, an oval was created in soft green, then filled in with yellow and outlined with grass green.  A few flecks of grass green were added inside the oval for a little depth.

Water was brushed over the marker lines in hopes of blurring and merging the colors.

Out of curiosity, watercolors were used to create similar shapes.  This particular watercolor set was purchased from Target. 

Here are the three options I tried.  Markers are on the left and watercolors are on the right.  Which do you prefer?

Then I began to doodle.

Some felt more successful than others, but I really enjoyed the process.  I mean, seriously, who can make just one greeting card at a time?  Not me!  ;-)

These will all be cut to size and framed with card stock.  Inside I will add a handwritten note.  I think my mother would prefer one of the pink flowers, or maybe the feather, but a final decision has not yet been made.  Which one is your favorite?

Shall we see what my friends created? 

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  1. Your card ideas are so lovely. The ink designs really draw the eye too.

  2. I love your doodling ideas for Spring, Marci! It's a great way to be content in these trying times and is an original form of art - especially for greeting cards! I think I like the "Hello" one the best! It's a great way to welcome Spring!

  3. What a sweet way to make Mother's Day cards. I love the water color look.

  4. I tend to prefer the vibrancy of the marker colors. These look fabulous! Pinned.

  5. Such a lovely Mother's Day idea! I love your flowers. I think the feather is my favorite. I love feathers!

  6. Marci,
    These are so pretty. They have that simply sweet look perfect for Mother's Day or any other type of card. Pinned

  7. I love your watercolor doodle cards! You did an awesome job and they look like they'd be so much fun to make. Pinned.


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