Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Nightmare of a Welcome Sign

 Many of you know I recently began a new job.  So far, training is going really well.  With a different company, I am meeting some new acquaintances.

One of these teammates loves Nightmare Before Christmas, and asked me if I could create a Halloween Welcome Sign.  The above photo is a cut file of Jack I purchased just for this project!

Rummaging for wood scraps around our old milk barn, Handsome Husband cut a 1 x 12 down to 48 inches tall, which was painted white.  The font and face were both researched and found on Etsy.  Can I just say that if this were for me, I would never have paid for cut files?  It makes me a little sad that I'm not as nice to myself as I am to other people.


  Here's the first practice run on sizing.  A few tweaks were made.  For example, the "W" was enlarged a bit.  Once I was happy with the layout, letters were stenciled in orange then outlined with a black paint pen.

Jack's face was stenciled in black, then the edges were sharpened with a black paint pen.  Orange plaid ribbon from my ridiculous pile of craft supplies added a simple bow at the top.

When this creation was delivered to my new friend at work, she loved it!

Here is the somewhat sinister Welcome Sign at its new home.

 I only paid $3.98 for cut files.  Everything else was already around here somewhere.  The most time was probably spent on figuring out what size and where I wanted the lettering for this Nightmare of a Welcome Sign.

Do you enjoy the spooky Halloween stuff ?

;-)  -Marci

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