Monday, June 11, 2018

T-Shirt Makeover * Dollar Store Craft Challenge and Blog Hop

It's been ages since I posted a T-Shirt Makeover, but check it out!  I have one for you today!

It's for this month's Dollar Store Craft Challenge and Blog Hop!

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My fabulous aunt has lots of opportunities to travel and she always brings back souvenirs for everyone!  We love it when she returns from one of her trips!  Gifts all around!  ;-)  Well, she recently shared a little secret with me.  Before visiting the fancy schmancy souvenir boutiques, she checks the local dollar stores first, especially for kids' shirts.  How clever is that?!

On our visit to Dauphin Island, one of the cute T's I found at a nearby dollar store was too big for the intended recipient, Emery.  No worries, though.  This makeover literally takes minutes.  Seriously!  There's one cut, one seam and then thread some ribbon or elastic.  My Tutorial can be found by clicking right HERE.

You Need:
1 T-Shirt that's too big
Matching Thread
Elastic or ribbon for the collar

Let's talk measurements for just a sec.  To transition from a T to a peasant top or dress, it needs to be a couple sizes too big, especially around the arm.  Emery is about to turn two and is pretty true to size.  2Ts work great for her.  I began with a Youth Small, then followed MY TUTORIAL.  {Yes, I have to look at past projects to remember how to do them!  ;-)}  From collar to hem, the T measured 19 inches.  From shoulder to knee, Emery measures 15 inches.  That will work!

Her finished dress from collar to hem is 17 inches.  Perfect!  Whether she wants to wear it on the jungle gym or cover her favorite swimsuit, her little dollar store dress will take her thru the hot days of summer in adorable style!

;-)  -Marci

Just look at all these affordable projects! 


  1. Oh my gosh! What a great idea! I love it!

  2. That's a great way to give the T shirt a cute makeover, Marci.

  3. What a great tip to look for shirts at the dollar store. It's amazing how you turned this shirt into a dress

  4. Love this idea! My kids used to like to wear their over-sized t-shirts to bed.

  5. Had no idea how easy this would be to do. Great makeover Marci! Pinning to share.

  6. First off that is genius to check out the local dollar stores when on vacation; I had no idea that some sold touristy things! Secondly that is one adorable dress transformation! Pinned.

  7. Marci this is genius How adorable will that be on your little one. Had me wishing my 24 yr old was 2 again. I used to sew her wardrobes of clothes. Posting and pinning everywhere.

  8. From plain t-shirt to so pretty! I love the swimsuit cover idea! I'm definitely pinning the tutorial!

  9. Oh what a fun idea! Reminds me of the t-shirt dresses from the 70's..yes I am that old. Yours is much prettier and more feminine though. I'm going to the dollar store when we go to the beach this year! Thanks for the tip!

  10. This is such a clever way to make a dress for a little girl at very little cost. Love this idea. Pinned.

  11. That's adorable! I would have never thought to make a cute little peasant dress out of a tee shirt!

  12. Appreciatе thiѕ post. Let me try it out.


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