Thursday, August 10, 2017

Create a Quick Cow Gift Card

This blue eyed beauty just had her first birthday.  She is such a sweet little neighbor.  Anytime Emery notices Handsome Husband outside, she makes a funny screeching noise that's just for him, and wiggles until he comes to her.  We are very blessed to be her honorary grandparents.  What a cutie pie!

She's been practicing all the animal noises and is great at telling everyone what a cow says.  ;-)  Her gift from us was a small toy bovine family.  The calf is her favorite so far.

This pink textured cardstock was already in my stash, so I punched a couple of heart shaped holes in the top and did the same with some beige.

How cute is this chubby cow stamp?  Using a colored pencil, the nose became pink.  A bit of rough cord was tied into a bow at the top.

If  you've read my blog very much, you know that regular gift wrap isn't for me.  It just seems so wasteful.  For this particular present, I think strawberry boxes and bandannas make darling gift wrap.  Each of the toy cows hopped into individual muslin draw string bags and the little gift card snuggled in with them.

Her birthday party was lovely, filled with lots of sweet memories!

;-)  -Marci


  1. Oh good grief she is ADORABLE! How fun to be 'honorary grandparents' to such a cutie and what a sweet gift you gave her!

  2. This craft is so easy and attractive. My kid will enjoy making cow gift card.

  3. This card is super cute. I miss making things. My granddaughter has her first birthday soon, I should make something!

  4. This is absolutely adorable! Your little one is even more adorable than the card.

  5. What a sweet picture, and even sweeter gift:)
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  6. What a cutie, my daughter has moved back home with her 4 month old and its been fun having him close.

  7. This gift card is so cute. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best. You're granddaughter is adorable. Thanks for sharing her too.

  8. That is the sweetest story and the sweetest card. Moo! ;)

  9. Love how adorable this card is - I have 0 crafting talent but may be asking my boyfriend to make some.


  10. Aww! How adorable. What a thoughtful gift & card x


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