Saturday, December 3, 2016

Book Review: Making Arbors & Trellises

by Marcianne Miller and Olivier Rollin
Partial Synopsis from Garden Guides:  Miller and Rollin have collaborated to create a collection of 25 beautiful and functional structures that will surely appeal to gardeners and outdoor designers.
My Thoughts:  This is one of those perfect coffee table books to thumb through and day dream about Spring on cold Winter evenings!  The photos are lovely and the projects are actually quite doable with everything from a Poet's Arbor to a Down Home Pole Trellis!  I like that the book includes suggestions for what plants would work best for certain looks.  My favorite section is the rustic chapter near the back of the book.  Poor Handsome Husband has already been given an assignment!  ;-) 
What have you been reading?
;-)  -Marci

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  1. So glad to see your post. When blogger made its change, you didn't show up on my reading list at first. Love any garden inspiration!


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