Thursday, November 10, 2016

Over the Moon for this Frame

Handsome Husband purchased this stunning photograph from Our Friend Jeff.  If you enjoy incredible photography, just click HERE
 (Disclosure:  I was not paid for that.  We just really love his work!)

Jeff explained how he set up his camera on a hillside with some kind of timer thingy and left it there thru the night of a blood moon. Somehow thru camera guy genius, this series was snapped.  I love the effect of seeing the eclipse and then the vibrant red color!

The photo had been at our house for quite a while, but somehow never made to a frame shop.  I knew I wanted a black frame with some kind of contrast, but just couldn't make a decision.

This one kept getting in my way.  Working on our kitchen, lots of small appliances are in my craft room and spare bedroom.  When I need the slow cooker, this frame has to be moved to a different spot, then moved back.  It's been in the family for YEEEEEEEARS and held a really sweet Norman Rockwell print.  I love that little bit of gold on the inside. 

Light bulb appears above my head!

HEY!  That cool moon photo needs a frame and this one is in the way!  ;-) 

Handsome Husband taped off the bit of gold and zapped the rest with black spray paint.  Then we replaced the glass and filled the frame with this incredible photo.


What's hangin' at your house?
 ;-)  -Marci

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  1. Marci it is always great when we have that light bulb moment and can find another use for something sitting around. The frame looks great with the picture.


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