Thursday, November 17, 2016

Indoor Autumn Vignettes

My 2016 Gourd Harvest was shown in this post right HERE!  Even though only three little packets of seeds were planted, there were plenty for sharing with our family and friends.  Of course I kept some for our Autumn decorating.  Mostly outside, especially the bigger gourds.  Click  HERE to see the outdoor photos.

Today I want to show the ones inside our home.

These little cream colored ones were my favorite this year.  I like both the shape and color.  You might remember this bowl was FREE ;-) and found at Pickin' Time on 59! 
I'm not sure if Kati Cat likes the gourds or not.

No matter what's happening around here, she's right in the middle of it.  ;-)

Orange has a way of brightening the simplest of arrangements.

Yellow is fun, too!

'Just one more week of these pretties and then I'll begin decorating for Christmas!

If you are looking for some inspiration, take a look at the link party I am co-hosting called Wrapping Up the Holidays!  It's all about gift wrap, cards, recipes, family traditions and activities.   If you have any holiday posts, we'd love for you to share them!
 ;-)  -Marci

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  1. So typical of fall. I don't have enough garden space to grow gourds, and am too cheap to buy them just to display. Thanks for sharing yours. - Margy


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