Friday, August 12, 2016

Kati Cat Came to our House

 We like to say we operate a one acre farm.  This little plot of earth is home to nine chickens, six rabbits, five dogs and one cat.

For some reason, I write and post frequently about the dogs and chickens, but seldom about the rabbits or cat.  'Not sure why.

Kati Cat has been visible on here from time to time, but I thought she would like her very own post.  ;-) 

Let me tell the story of how she came to our home.  One day I was outside weeding and heard something crying.  Searching, I found nothing and went back to weeding.  Crying could still be heard though.  I searched more thoroughly and saw a tiny gray kitten with white paws in the tall weeds across the street.
When called, the sweet baby immediately bounded into the street.  Right in front of a mini van!  YIKES!  The mini van got stopped before anyone was injured and I grabbed the little gray and white puff out of the street.  I carried her all around the neighborhood, knocking on doors and asking if anyone had lost a kitten.  I am pretty sure someone lied that day.  ;-)   Kati has lived at our house ever since.

When we brought the Chihuahua puppies home, she immediately adopted them and treats them like they are her kittens.  It's so sweet.  To this day, if she catches a mouse, she still gives it to either Abigail or Ivan to eat.

We love having her.  Most of the time she a sweetheart.


She is a cat, though, and can be quite aloof!

Do you have pets?  Will you please tell me about them?

;-)  -Marci


  1. Kati Cat reminds me of what my mom called her cat, Kitty Cat. His real name was Stick Tail and I wrote about him recently on my Margy Meanders blog. He just walked in our kitty door when we lived in Los Angeles. His chewed off tail (by a coyote) made us sure he was a stray so we invited him to stay, and stay he did for twenty-three years to provide lots of love to us and my mom in her later years. - Margy

  2. What a beautiful cat Kati is, loving her white paws.
    What a lovely story you shared about how she found her forever home.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. Hello, your Kati Cat is pretty. I love her eyes. The puppies are adorable. Wonderful series of photos. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. oh my, you've probably started an avalanche, lol, asking people about their kitties. i have 5, one a stray that came to our farm and the others from the humane society. they are all so different and for the most part get along. their names tell you a lot: muppet (mups), my man in black, also known as the punkinator, an abbreviation of punkin and the intimidator (in honor of dale earnhardt the elder); louie (louie pup), a tuxie and the youngest; jake (jakepie sweetpants), also known as tubby-wan kenobi and whaddja break, jake?; emma (liddy girl); and julia (girlie girl). mups is the eldest and the alpha; jake is the slightly neurotic one with the biggest ears and a jimmy durante nose; julia is the shy one, who used to hide all the time and i think was kicked a lot in a prev life, before the shelter rescued her, but who now seeks out head boops and recently started doing figure-eights on my legs; liddy girl is the only one who likes belly rubs and looks like your kati cat; and louie is my bug finder/fighter - he alerts like a pointer when he see a stink bug, for example. --suz in ohio

  5. Oh what lovely photos of your adorable cat and the new puppies with her 'watching over them' ~

    Wishing you happy days ~ ^_^

  6. Your kitty is adorable! She grew up to be so pretty (and she seems to know it!). I love the picture of her and the puppies. So sweet! We have 5 dogs and 2 cats...and we live in town. One cat, Kiara, is very friendly and a lover, the other, Kenya, not so much. Got to love that 'cat'itude!

  7. Do you understand that cats dominate this puny planet? You have been under their control and you didn't even know it. You can read all about it at my Agent 54 blog in my "World Domination" post. Read it and see the light.

  8. Oh how beautiful! Those eyes! Thank you for sharing at Party in Your PJs!

  9. Pretty cat - I have four - all rescues - and I love them dearly!!

  10. I am a cat lover, I have 3 so that is why I had to learn all about you Kati Cat. She is a beautiful girl and so sweet to adopt the puppies. Our furbabies bring us so much pleasure.

  11. Oh Kati cat is a gorgeous purr baby. Love all your animals Marci

  12. Aww, it's so cute that she thinks the dogs are her babies... love that. We have bunnies, two, a couple and they move around freely in our safe and walled backyard, they dig holes, they lay in the part with tall grass we left for them and just make us really happy cause they're so cute! Sometimes I think they think they're dogs as they come and scratch on the doors to ask for treats, lol!

  13. She's beautiful! I've got 4 cats, they found their way to our home and to our hearts just like Katherine; abandonned and left behind...
    I don't have dogs or anything else.
    Since our chickens were killed by a fox, I only keep my cats.
    Lovely pictures by the way!
    Katherine will be proud to have her own blogpost ;-)
    Have a nice day,

  14. Who won't have a story who has pets and treats/loves them like their kids. When I was younger, in my 40's, I used to make fun of older people about how they acted with their fur babies. Well guess what, has come back to bite me on butt since am older now (76), so you youngun's can make fun of me now, it's ok really.
    My mother-in-law told me one time I loved our dog more than my kids. Uh yeah, especially when all 4 were teenagers, lol. Actually 3 older kids were all teenagers at once but the last one was a real duezy, especially since I was going thru really hard early menopause, gulp.
    We have a rescue dog, he is so close to behaving like a human I forget he isn't sometimes. He'll be 8 in Nov, got him at a yr. He is black lab/border collie.
    Our cat showed up in our yard one Saturday when he was about 9months old. The next door barn seemed to overflow with orange kittens. We even had some living under our house in KY which was on supports.
    Wasn't sure if I wanted a cat but he made up my mind for me, wouldn't leave. Strays showed up at our place all the time, lived out in country. Hubs said there was sign on house only animals could see, it said a sucker lives here and how right he was,, still is.
    Since we hadn't had a cat for years, named him Molly, til I learned differently then had to rename him before he got too used to Molly. He is such a good cat, smart too.
    We think he's about 13 or 14 as we can't remember how long we had him before we moved to Western CO. He stays around yard always, doesn't roam, knows a good thing when he has it I guess. Cat and dog get along really well even when we brought current dog home awhile after other dog (black mini cocker) died at 14. People should adjust that well.

    Thanks for letting me tell you about our kids. Oh yeah we have 5 chickens, cat can lie right by them, never bothers them. Have lovely Sunday and good week

  15. Kati looks so sweet and sounds like a lovely cat. I have my Ralphter, a 12 year old moggie, who shares his life with us. He is spoilt, demanding, sometimes cranky, but I love him to death. I've always been a cat person, but because I only have one lap, I have one cat. Now that he's started doing guest blog post for me when I let him, he has stolen the hearts of a few of my readers. Just one cat in our house. One very spoilt cat.

  16. Kati's white paws and bib remind me of my Murphy's. I got Murphy at the SPCA after my 19 year old cat had to be put down from kidney failure. Still emotional, I visited the SPCA just to 'look.' When I pulled into the parking lot, I said a little prayer, "Lord, if you have a pussycat here for me, lead me to him." I told them that if I were to adopt a cat, I wanted an older, hard to adopt one. The manager said, take her to Murphy. He was a big fat striped cat with beautiful markings and boy, he was working that cage! I was afraid to commit to such a big cat because I had already lost one from a chronic disease and what if Murphy had diabetes? They said I could always return him--(which I would never do). He was skittish, but would come up to me and lick my hand, which I knew was a sign of affection from a cat. He would hide, then come back over to rub and lick me. It was the end of the day, and they kept saying they could put him on 'hold.' I agreed to put him on hold just to get them off my back, and had no intention of coming back for him. Then, the next day I started to think--that poor kitty probably thought he had a good home and wouldn't it be awful if I just left him there? I went back for him and on the way home I heard this loud noise and kept rolling down my windows to figure out what was wrong with my car. I would close my window, and still hear it. I couldn't figure out what it was and then I realized, it was Murphy purring! He was sound asleep in his carrier and purring like a loud machine! He bonded with me right away and is the sweetest cat. I almost cry everytime I think of how I almost left him behind. What a blessing I would have missed! Cindy Gill

    1. What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing about Murphy! - Marci

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