Sunday, July 19, 2015

Color Vibe 5K Photos and Survival Tips

Have you ever participated in a Color Run?  This was my first and I did it with my favorite running buddies!
These are some seriously cool peeps right here, our daughter and all three grandbabies!
Here are our BEFORE photos all clean and shiny! 
 (Notice my little polka dot Bandana Bow?  Click HERE for quick tutorial!)

As we arrived, the music was rockin' loud and the announcer was instigating color fights!

In these photos, we hadn't even begun the race yet!  This was after ONE color fight!  If you think we look crazy, you should see the other guy!  ;-)  Our grandson LOVED the friendly battles!

Right on time, participants began the 5K course through the Washington County Fairgrounds! 
I really liked how we were released in groups of about 200 every 5 minutes or so.  There were lots of families like us with little ones.  The organizers kept us somewhat spaced so no one was trampled or separated from their buddies.

Throughout the race, more colored powder was thrown on the runners.  Our girls especially loved the pink station!  Lots of volunteers gave handfuls of color to the kids.  There were silly battles all over the place!

Here is our AFTER photo.  Can you tell we had a blast? 
Survival Tips:
1.  I would definitely recommend wearing things that you don't mind getting messy.
2. Our run was on a very hot and humid day.  Lots of families had little water guns.
3.  Even though the colored powder is not toxic, the kids were pretty wild with it.  Sunglasses definitely helped our little ones enjoy the vibrant fun! 
4.  Make sure you change clothes before getting back in your car. 
5.  Bring along some towels to protect your seats AND some plastic bags to contain the crazy color clothes!
6.  I am glad I purchased extra packets of color during online registration.  The kids LOVED throwing it on each other and anyone who got near them!
7.  Definitely pick up your registration packets before race day.  There is LOTS of activity the day of the race!
8.  Don't be too serious about your run.
9.  There is lots of laughter throughout the race.  Several participants wore bandanas over their faces.  While the colored powder is not toxic, it really doesn't taste that great.
10.  Take lots of photos.
 With a little planning, you will be rewarded with big smiles and sweet memories!
What colorful things are happening near you?
;-)  -Marci


  1. That last picture is my favorite! That smile says it all with her little purple and pink face. I've never participated in color run but I know lots who have. They all have enjoyed them. Good for you for making it a fun family event.

  2. This looks like so much fun, Marci, and by the smiles on your face I'd say you had a great time :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  3. This looks like a blast! Does it come out of your hair easily or are you stuck with awesome purple hair for a while?

    1. 'Great question! I was worried about that, too! In the info packet, they advise anyone with very light or colored hair, to put coconut oil in their hair before the race. We did not have any hair color issues after showering and the coconut oil made our hair really soft. Yay! Also, we WANTED our shirts to be stained, but they came out perfectly white after only one wash. Boo! ;-) Win some, lose some! It was a lot of fun! -Marci


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