Saturday, January 24, 2015

Excellent Customer Service and An Explanation

Hello, Friends!  Thursday was a vacation day for me, but very busy.  My first stop was speaking at a Master Gardener training class, which went well.  Herbs and Edible Flowers, A Place to Begin is the title of my program.  It's for anyone who is new to herbs.  You might remember it was the inspiration behind my posts about herbs.  Edible flowers kept sneaking into the presentation, so became part of the title.  Would you like some posts about edible flowers?  Maybe a few could be written.  I keep planning to add a page to my blog for just the posts on herbs, but never quite seem to find the time.
After the Master Gardener presentation, I went to Orschelns for bird seed, then to a furniture store, then to Hancock Fabrics in Fayetteville.  Not in a hurry, I am pretty sure I touched every single fabric in the entire store!  It took a long time to get to the cutting table, but once there I met Lila and Cheree.  (I hope I have spelled those names correctly)  Both were lovely and we had a great little visit.  Lila writes a blog!  Indigo Pears  Check it out and please tell her Marci says "Hi".  ;-)  At the cash register Cheree went through their sale flyer for me and used every last coupon she could find that might work on my purchase!  By the time she was finished, I saved more than I spent!  WOW!  Thanks, Cheree!  EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  I have always loved that Hancocks, but it's a bit out of the way for me.  Well, not any more!  Lila and Cheree definitely make it worth the drive! 
You may be wondering why I haven't been posting many photos for about a month or so.  Well, in my post Venting with Friends I told you about some crazy virus on my laptop.  The fix worked for a while, but then my photos went dark again.  Dad gum it!!  I think we are repaired now and you will be seeing photos again soon.  I've been super busy, especially in the sewing department and can't wait to tell you all about it!
'Talk to you soon!
;-)  -Marci


  1. I Finally got my brand new pc fixed, nasty viruses via India got me. I was under distinct impression I was getting a tip from Microsoft, nope, got really bad tip from nasty viruses, then that they'd fix it for 99 USD. Uh huh, Bad enuf couldn't understand them but then to get the greenbacks punch line.
    Luckily we have great gal comes to house and fixes pc, will take payments if needed, and post dated checks. Didn't know what to do with myself not being able to be online. I had called few places in Grand Junction to tell them what had happened and asked what I could do, gulp, whole lot more than I could afford. Making payments for brand new pc. She fixed for $75 with a post dated check for next week when we get SS after 5 weeks again.
    When I called places I was glad I was on phone, not in person to be more embarrassed. Was told several people had been bitten by same folks. Phew. Gal that fixed mine said she'd had several clients with same problem as me also.
    Hope you get your laptop fixed right, really annoying isn't it? Why do people do that to people?
    Hope you can enjoy rest of weekend

  2. Hi, Marci!
    So glad to find your blog!
    We are out in the country in south central Arkansas this morning, at my brother's farm! Beautiful sunrise and great breakfast of farm fresh eggs by my SIL!
    Thank you for coming by my blog and for saying nice things about those of us at Hancocks

  3. Marci are you in NC?!?! Fayetteville NC is about what 2 hours or less from where I am? Could you really be that close by?!?!?!?


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