Sunday, November 2, 2014

Book Review: Esther's Gift

by Jan Karon

Jan Karon

Synopsis from Good Reads:  In Esther's Gift, Esther Bolick is filled with the holiday spirit as she prepares to bake the annual batch of her famous-and utterly scrumptious-orange marmalade cakes. Right after Christmas Eve service at Lord's Chapel, she and Gene will deliver a two-layer marmalade to each of seven friends and neighbors, all of them favorite Mitford characters. Then Gene calculates what it costs to bake this legendary cake, and Esther is stunned. Is it worth it to spend so much money on people who haven't always measured up to her expectations? The answer is clear. She'll cut her list back-way back.

My Review:  This is another sweet visit to Mitford!  I love these smaller books by Jan Karon.  While this is a Christmas Story, acts of kindness are timeless.  Love thy Neighbor! 
Anyone looking for the famous Orange Marmalade Cake recipe, guess what!  It's at the end of this charming little edition of the Mitford Series!  Yes, ma'am!  You are welcome!
;-)  -Marci


  1. Sounds like an intriguing book... I bet it has a twist ending too!
    I may just have to give this one a read!


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