Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Six Years and Nine Months

This photo was taken by Jen Thurlo of Sulphur Springs.  It's Mr. Big Stuff and and his little sister, Chubby Fashionista.  He's 6 now and she is 9 months!   

Jen captures a very sweet moment!  I love that Chubby Fashionista has her hands on her brother's face. 

Here they are in the light! 

Sweet boy... 

Sassy boots...

My wonderful grandchildren! 

Thanks, Jen, for more beautiful photographs!  ;-)  -Marci


  1. They are just beautiful and growing so fast!

  2. Thank you, Anne! Time sure does fly! -Marci

  3. These are so cute. I LOVE that pic at the top Marci. So beautiful. Your grandbabies are precious.


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