Saturday, June 23, 2012

Independence Day Star

So the front door needs a lil seasonal makeover and Independence Day is just around the corner. 

I stumbled across this metal star at Orscheln's yesterday, and it was ON SALE! 

It's the kind with the pocket / planter in the center.  In our area there is a wonderful rodeo every year the first four days of July.  Rodeo of the Ozarks was on my mind when I began this project!  Many of us celebrate Independence Day at the rodeo.   

So, I grabbed a red bandana and tied it on the star.

Then I tucked a small USA plaque inside the planter and used a bread tie to attach it. 

And here's our favorite six year old, posing in the entry to our stone cottage! 

I hope your Independence Day is filled with joy!  ;-)  -Marci


  1. Too cute Marci!

    I can't believe he's 6 already!!!

  2. Cute idea ... and super easy! Have a great Independence Day :)

  3. Such a cute and easy idea. And your model is adorable.


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