Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lovely Surprise Guest

Today, Handsome Husband and I were walking to the car to leave when he stopped and pointed under one of the bird feeders.  There was a lovely surprise guest in our garden. 

At first she was shy, but obviously not wild.  We could get close before she would move away, but she never actually flew.

Can you see how her feathers shimmer pink and green?

Please forgive me if this lovely guest is not female.  I really don't know, but, I mean like, honestly, the bird is wearing pink!  I'm thinking female and have a fifty percent chance of getting it right!  ;-) 

We could see a band on her leg.  Handsome Husband set a pet carrier on the ground and the gorgeous bird walked right into it as if it were a guest bedroom. 

She was very calm, not afraid of us at all.  Handsome Husband read the band on her leg and googled the information. 

He found that she was part of a homing pigeon group in nearby Northeast Oklahoma.  After calling the phone number on the website, a sweet man came by to take her home.  He lives only 20 minutes away.

We learned that she was part of a race and had been released in Texas yesterday.  She must have gotten slightly off course.  Her owner said she probably would have rested with us tonight and then flown home tomorrow.  He was so glad Handsome Husband called.

Isn't she pretty?

Goodbye, Lovely Surprise Guest! 

We are so glad you stopped by!  ;-)  -Marci


  1. We had a similar experience about 10 years ago; however, the man we called was a brute. It is good you met a animal lover rather than an animal abuser. We wished we would have never made the call and rather kept the sweet bird in Northwest Arkansas.They are amazing creatures.

  2. Hi, Tami! 'So nice to hear from you! I don't know anything about homing pigeons, but now am very curious. -Marci

  3. Oh wow, what a cool guest. Did you ever find out if it was a she or he? I love that it just walked right into the cage like she knew you were a good friend that would take care of her.

  4. Amazing story! My parents' neighbors used to raise and train homing pigeons. She is a pretty one!


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