Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hawksbill Crag - 'Ready for a Hike?

Hawksbill Crag, also known as Whitaker Point, is one of the most photographed rock formations in Arkansas. In fact, it is featured on the cover of the 2005 Rand McNally Road Atlas. The trail to Whitaker Point is surprisingly short, only 1.5 miles long and a relatively easy hike.

When we are on this trail, we walk slowly and enjoy the forest. It takes us about 45 minutes to get to Hawksbill Crag from the parking area. The first part of the trail is mostly down hill. The rest is pretty flat. Much of the trail leads you along an amazing bluff line. Hawksbill Crag can be seen long before it is reached. The trail overlooks a pristine valley holding the headwaters of the Buffalo River.

Once you have been there, you will want to hike the trail in all seasons. The great thing about hiking it in winter is seeing the wonderful bluffs and rock formations.

Take your camera. It is stunning!

To get there from Northwest Arkansas, take Hwy 412 east past Huntsville.  Turn south on Hwy 21. Go through the charming town of Kingston. Stay on Hwy 21 into Boxley Valley.  Pass the Boxley Valley Church. Turn right on the gravel road just before the bridge. Go about 6 miles to the marked parking area. The trail head is well marked.

Happy hiking!

Another great reason to visit this area is Lost Valley State Park as well as the elk herd. Elk are frequently seen in Boxley Valley and in nearby Ponca.

For more information, visit the Arkansas tourism website:


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  2. One of our favorite hikes!


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