Monday, November 14, 2022

For Cocoa Lovers


Who loves a nice, hot cup of cocoa on a chilly morning?  That would be just about everyone I know!

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We have new neighbors with two children in elementary school.  My idea was to make a hot chocolate basket as a welcome gift.  This little project was such a fun way to spend an afternoon with a couple of adorable granddaughters.  Our cocoa lovers' spoons turned out so cute!  Stirring one of these into a steaming mug of hot cocoa adds a wonderfully rich flavor!  Here's my ingredients list:

For Cocoa Lovers

Plastic Spoons

Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers

White Chocolate Melting Wafers

Plain White Mini Marshmallows

Lucky Charms Mini Marshmallows

Lots of Sprinkles

Melting the yummy wafers was pretty simple.  We used a small slow cooker on low for the dark chocolate wafers and a double boiler for the white chocolate wafers.  That's it for the bulk of the work.  

Everything else is a messy good time!

Dip a plastic spoon in chocolate of your choice and place on a silicone cookie mat.  Now decorate!

This was our first project using the Lucky Charms marshmallows.  Super cute shapes and colors!

Once we had plenty of spoons for gifting (and ourselves) square marshmallows were placed on skewers and dunked in the melted chocolate.

Our older granddaughter chose a simple, classic aesthetic.

The younger granddaughter wanted to use all the colors!

Mine seem kind of boring, but I had a great time, too!

The hot chocolate basket was a big hit.  The new kids on our block are definitely cocoa lovers!  What are your favorite ways to welcome new neighbors?

;-)  -Marci


  1. Oh boy, Marci! What a lovely way to welcome new neighbors! I know your granddaughters had fun making these! I would love to do this with dark chocolate - which is one of my favorite candy treats!

  2. What a lovely gift! I would be happy to enjoy your "boring" hot chocolate spoons anytime!

  3. What a cute idea! It was so sweet of you to welcome your new neighbors. Pinned!

  4. I bet your hot cocoa gift basket was a big hit with your new neighbors. The spoon stir treats look perfect for adding to the basket!

  5. What a yummy treat! My kiddos would love this!

  6. Perfect gifts for the neighbors and to make with the kids. I love to make a batch for the holidays and keep on display for coffee.


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