Monday, June 13, 2022

Prepping our Patio for Hot Summer Nights

Our temperatures reached the low nineties this weekend, so I was happy this project is almost done!  Before we begin, I'd like to say that today's project took a little more paint and a LOT more patience than I was expecting.  It's not quite finished, though, and I'll be asking for your advice at the end of my post! 

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Prepping our Patio for Hot Summer Nights

It all began when our neighbor purchased a lovely set of teal patio furniture last summer.  Suddenly, our black table and chairs felt awfully basic and bland.  From our back porch, we can see about one third of their deck, which holds the gorgeous teal set.  Every evening I was telling Handsome Husband how much I loved that color.

I didn't snap "before" photos until everything had been drug off our patio.  It's pretty easy to imagine a boring set of black furniture.  The sky blue paint has been in my stash for a few years waiting for me to make a decision on how to use it!

A paint sprayer was purchased from a local hardware store and I got to work.  Hard work.  Detailed work.  Getting into all the little nooks and crannies of each chair felt pretty exasperating.  Since the set was being painted in our grass, it was very difficult to get good coverage on the feet.  (As I am typing, it has dawned on me, I could have set them on cardboard.  Oh, well.  Next time for sure!)

Our patio no longer feels basic or bland!  I love that cool blue against the warm tones of our old rock farmhouse!

How cute is that photobomber?  Handsome Husband calls Ivan my shadow.  He is always nearby. 

 Here's where your advice is needed.  While I love the pattern of the seat cushions, I was disappointed with the quality of fabric.  Those will be replaced.  I'm also struggling to commit to a rug.  All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  What color cushions and rug would YOU choose?

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  1. Oh, the power of paint, Marci! What a fabulous update! I recently got an outdoor rug from Amazon and am quite pleased with the selections there. I think a bold print with a bit of sky blue in it would be perfect! As for the cushions, what you have blends in nicely with your patio set. But you can probably cover them in a solid color fabric that would pick up a color in your new rug. Really, though, you have a good eye and I'm sure you'll find something you'll be pleased with!

  2. The color looks so good! I'm now looking at our chair set with distain now lol. I got an outdoor rug from Michael's that was originally $60 for $12 at the end of summer. Sadly my father in law bought new cushions for our chairs for us and they're yellow, black, and gray, so my teal rug is now in the garage. Can't wait for an update when you have your rug and cushions!

  3. Such a great makeover! That's such a great shade of blue, and it really brightens up the furniture and gives it new life! The cushions look perfect with it, too.

  4. That looks so pretty! I love the color.

  5. I love that color and your "new" set looks so pretty! I'd tend to opt for either navy or patterned cushions with a beachy feel.


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