Monday, January 10, 2022

DIY Journals for Gal Pal Gifting

Bible Journaling has become a favorite hobby.  A local journaling group is organizing a Galentine coffee event in early February and guess who is attending.  Me!  I'm very excited and want to bring handmade gifts for the hostesses.

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DIY Journals for Gal Pal Gifting

My project begins with scrounging thru my craft room for supplies.

These cardstock scraps are from the same design packet and all measure 12 inches wide.  The white floral is largest, measuring 9 inches tall.  I also have plenty of copy paper in various colors for the journal contents.

The pretty cardstock is folded in half and then inked along the edges in two shades of green.

A small cut-off was used to evenly space three holes for binding the pages to the cover.  Regular copy paper measuring 8.5 by 11 inches fit perfectly inside this cover without any trimming!  I used twelve pages of copy paper folded in half.  This particular journal worked up very quickly!

For punching the holes, I went to my sewing machine tool kit and whipped out a small phillips head screwdriver and light weight hammer.  Placing the stacked pages on an open grate table, the pointed screwdriver easily tapped right through all twelve pages.

Binding really isn't very difficult.  Thread ribbon, cording or embroidery floss through a craft needle.  From the inside of your book, insert the threaded craft needle into the center punch.  Pull binding cord gently through, leaving a few inches inside for tying later.  Push needle back through one end punch.  Thread through center again, then thread back through opposite end punch.  Gently tighten all stitches.  Loop through the first stitch, tie in simple knot and trim.

Pretty!  Inside and out!

I created closures to match the binding of each journal.

Each cover was embellished with washi tape and other lovely bits

Gingham always makes me happy!  Always!  This cover was almost 7 inches tall by 12 inches wide.  The copy paper had to be trimmed for this cover.  Once folded in half, these were trimmed to 6 inches tall.

How cute is that?!

And here's the black floral!  

I am so excited to attend a Galentine Event with fellow Bible Journaling enthusiasts!  Do you think the hostesses will enjoy their gifts?

If you enjoyed this project, I'd love for you to pin it!

Let's see what my talented besties have created! 

How do you celebrate February?

;-)  -Marci


  1. Your friends will LOVE their gifts, who doesn't like a beautiful note book? And being handmade with love and care makes them all the more special.

  2. These are so cool for gift giving, Marci! And a fun way to make bible journals! I'm sure the ladies would love these!

  3. You are a good gift giver. I would love a journal gift. So pretty 😍

  4. Such a sweet gift! I love a good journal, and I'd be delighted if a friend gifted me one of these. You used really pretty cardstock paper.

  5. What a great way to use that extra cardstock in your stash. The journals look pretty and no doubt will be enjoyed by those you give them to.

  6. Your hosts are going to absolutely love your custom made journals. They are so pretty! I say you can never have enough journals, notepads, etc!


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