Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Season's are Changing (and so is my sign)

It's the first week of December!  Have you noticed?

You might remember my inter-changeable sign, that first debuted on my blog in THIS POST.  I'm excited to show it to you again for December!

Here's the original supply list:

(all of this was already on hand)

A scrap of 1" x 12" wooden plank cut 48 inches long, painted soft gray

Scraps of plywood cut into 9" x 9" squares (Handsome Husband cut two sets of four)

Leftover pots of paint

Paint brush, Stencil sponge

Cup holder hooks pulled from old scarf hanger no longer in use

Cardstock I don't really like anymore

Red Wire Ribbon

One side of the 48 inch plank was painted white and one side was painted gray in the first project.  This time I painted one side of the 9" x 9" squares white.  Using my DIY cutting machine, four letters were chosen, cut, and then stenciled onto the square scraps.

Red paint was outlined with my black paint pen.  I had some fun with the "O".  The squares were then threaded onto the cup holder hooks of the long plank.

The first bow didn't seem quite right, so I made it bigger. 

That's better!  Go big or go home, right?  ;-)

It's staged with a vintage sled and wooden teddy bear, brightening our front porch for this fun season!

I hope to keep changing the letters each month and would love suggestions for ways to use the four squares!  My first thought for January is SNOW.  What are your ideas?

;-)  -Marci

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