Monday, September 14, 2020

Pumpkin Patch Tutu for October - No Sewing!

 Is October really just a couple of weeks away?  Are your adorable, little goblins ready for hay rides and hot apple cider?  Recently, while cruising thru my nearby dollar store, thinking about Fall decor, I had a crazy idea.

These beauties are only $1 for all three.  Do you see the open weave in the elastic?  That and the scraps in my stash will be perfect for my wild plan!

This month, I join these talented friends for a Dollar Store Craft Challenge.

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With October just around the corner, the black headband seemed like the perfect choice for this project, but I have plans for all three colors!  First, I counted the small holes in one row of the elastic and found 32.  Next, a roll of black tulle already in my stash was cut into lengths of 18 inches, so that I had 16 strips of tulle.  These were threaded thru alternating slots in the bottom row of my headband.


 Is there anything cuter than fluffy tulle?  Depending on your preferences, you could just go with layers of tulle and your tutu would be super cute!  Vibrant colors are dancing in my head though, and I've always wanted to make one of the scrappy tutus.  Choosing fabrics is always difficult for me, but this is the option that made me happy!

All the fabric was cut 19 inches long.  I cut 8 strips of the pumpkin fabric two inches wide.  Four strips of the green floral was cut 1 inch wide.  The polka dot ribbon is just over a half inch wide and I cut four of those as well.  It can feel difficult to thread a wide strip of material through a small elastic slot.  Here's a tip.

 Fold your fabric in half and tuck it inside a safety pin.  Use the head of the pin to navigate the small opening.  Once you have about an inch loop of fabric on the other side, remove the safety pin and tuck the ends through the loop of fabric.  Gently tug on the loose ends, until you have a knot snug against the headband.

 For a whopping $0.33 plus supplies in my ridiculous stash, it's done!

I'm making this Pumpkin Patch Tutu for my vintage doll, but these headbands would fit infants up to small toddlers.  'Can't wait to show you the rest of her outfit!  With my new job comes a new schedule that is much less erratic.  I'm back to being creative and all kinds of messy in my craft room!  It's really nice to feel like "me" again!

  I'm excited to see what my friends have created!

;-)  -Marci

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  1. I just love this idea and would love to see a bunch of little girls in tutus for Halloween!

  2. How creative, Marci! I can imagine your ideas for projects spinning around in your head! Welcome back!

  3. How fun! I would never have thought to use those headbands for something like this!

  4. I was thinking as you were putting it together that this would make such a cute and inexpensive baby costume for Halloween! Pinned.

  5. As a dance teacher, I love this! So cute, and love that it's inexpensive from the dollar store. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. How lovely that you are able to get more crafting time now! Yay! This is a cute idea, a little tutu is perfect for little ones.

  7. That is a super duper cute idea! I've used those headbands before, also, for hanging a project instead of using ribbon or twine. They sure come in handy, don't they?!

  8. Your doll is going to look awesome! Plus it's always nice to have more crafting time. I love making my daughter no sew tutus and I might have to make her one like this. I just need some Halloween material.


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