Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Makeovers for Tween Girls

 At the very mature age of 7 and 9, our adorable granddaughters told their momma they were ready for a "teenager" room.  Eeek!  None of us were ready for that.  This is the gallery wall we put together with their favorite colors AND fairy lights.  They love it!  Our daughter sold their bunk bed and found these darling vintage twins.  They work really well with their farmhouse.  

Now we are about to tackle the girls' bathroom.  Hoping to balance teenager and little girl once again, I've been working on a project to hang beside their mirror.  Let me tell y'all.  This one just about got thrown out the window before it was finished.  Here's where we begin.  

My Fabulous Aunt picked up a wine crate from a nearby thrift shop.  Her idea for it didn't work out, so she gave it to me.  The box portion is now holding sheets at the very bottom of our linen closet.  It's so much nicer to slide out the box than to stand on our head when we need something from the bottom shelf.  Just the lid is left, and it's broken into three pieces.  I grabbed the top half.

The back side is pretty rough wood, but I used it anyway.  It was flipped over and painted soft peach.  Next, using a kids ruler and chalk, lines were drawn to help me keep the hand lettering sort of balanced.  After that I played with lettering in chalk until I was happy with the layout.  A dark brown paint pen filled in the lines I liked.  Here's the part where the whole project was almost tossed.  The rough texture of the wood made creating even lines very difficult.  I kept trying. 

'Certainly not perfect lettering, but it is finished.  I like that message for young girls.  OK.  I like that message for all of us.  At any age!  ;-)  A silk rose was added along with a couple of my Paper Roses created from dyed coffee filters.

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Let's see what they've been working on!

Oh, wait!  I forgot to mention you are welcome to join us on the last Thursday of each month for this fun Thrift Store Challenge.  No theme, no budget, no pressure.  If you'd like to participate, please let us know with a comment below.

OK.  Now let's see what everyone did this month!  

;-)  -Marci

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  1. What a adorable bedroom for your grand kids. I love this because I am working on one for my grand boys.

  2. The sign looks great, Marci and I think the rough edges give it a unique look. The saying is fun!

  3. I'm sure it was fun for you to create this adorable sign for your nieces, Marci! And I'm sure they love it! Who wouldn't? "Hello gorgeous" is just perfect for aspiring young teenagers!

  4. Adorable room and love that sign, too pretty! Great upcycle of the lid. xo Kathleen

  5. I think the wording lines look just fine and I like the curly font. Great saying for a young girl's confidence! I'm sure your granddaughters love that you helped decorate their room.


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