Friday, April 17, 2020

Tulips and Kaleidescopes

These bulbs were planted last Autumn.

I love using native violets for ground cover.  Do you know they are the host plant for fritillary butterflies?

Tulips are so beautiful, especially looking down into them.

Their centers always make the think of kaleidescopes.

How do you feel about tulips?

;-)  -Marci


  1. I like tulips but my absolute favorite thing in this post are the native violets! I have friends who consider them to be weeds--can you believe that? I have them in pots and use them as border plants . Everything about them is perfect and they are free. Lovely post!

  2. I love all tulips but those orange ones are so vibrant.
    I see you are missing some photos like I am. Hope blogger fixes it soon.

  3. LOVE tulips! I buy fresh cut ones every week in spring. Yours are gorgeous!

  4. Your tulips are so beautiful! We have wild violets that grow along the edge of our woods.

  5. Tulips are so pretty. I'm always sad that they last such a short time. - Margy


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