Saturday, February 29, 2020

My Attempt at Picasso's Peace Bouquet

Here's the work in the hands of a master.  Pun intended, of course.  I love the splashes of color Picasso uses.  I also love how the stems may or may not align with a flower or leaf.  His piece looks like he was just playing with color and enjoying himself!  Why do I take myself so seriously?

The Lost Sock is an ongoing source of art inspiration.  Tabitha's instruction gives me the courage to try something new.  After watching her video several times, and practicing in pencil, the hand was drawn.  Thank goodness for erasers.  ;-)  Now to figure out the flowers.

While I like this color combination, I would prefer more contrast in the blossom shapes.  Keeping it simple, I tried again!

Once my Peace Bouquet was drawn and colored with markers, stickers were added along with the Bible Verse, Luke 18:27 in my handwriting.

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.  Luke 18:27

What "new thing" have you tried lately?  

;-)  -Marci 

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  1. Beautiful project! I frequently try to learn from master artists, copying aspects of their work to learn composition, colors, lines, etc! I feel it's a great way to learn.

    My recent new thing might be my Kaleidoscopes created from recent orchid photos -


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