Friday, September 27, 2019

My "To Do" List for Autumn

Our temperatures are still above normal, so I am struggling with the idea that Fall is officially here!

Do you enjoy creating and list of things to do for each season?  I love reading about them from other bloggers, but have never done one myself.  Maybe I should?

1.  Decorate a pumpkin.  CHECK!  
Actually, this one is partially complete.  ;-)  Our adorable Second Grade Granddaughter is entering a pumpkin decorating contest for school.  Today, we purchased one large, one medium and four small pumpkins.  She plans to paint them pink, stack them with skewers and create a pig!  Prizes will be awarded for cutest, scariest and most creative.  She says she's not a "scary" kind of girl, but hopes to win one of the other awards!  I'll let y'all know how it goes.  Since I'm participating with hers, I'm counting that.  We have two shade of pink paint along with black and white.  No carving is allowed as the contest will take place in their school hallway.

2.  Caramel apples.  CHECK!  
We purchased the yummy stuff today and each had one for dessert after lunch!

3.  Hike on a cool morning.
Well, first the temperatures will need to cooperate.

4.  Photograph Autumn leaves.
Here in Arkansas, our Fall colors usually peak in mid to late October.

5.  Have a cozy fire in our back yard so we can roast something over it.  
Marshmallows would be nice or maybe some hot dogs!  We should probably invite some family and neighbors to join us!

So, how is that for my first "To Do" list?  Pretty simple, huh?  I'm just a beginner!

Check it out!  I am co-hosting an "All Things Fall" party beginning September 28th!  To join the fun, just click HERE!  All family friendly Autumn themed posts are welcome.  No limit on links!

;-)  -Marci


  1. Great collection of fun things to do this autumn. Pinned and shared

  2. I've never made a seasonal fun to do list either, but it's a great idea!

  3. What a wonderful list of activities to accomplish for Fall, Marci! Looking forward to doing a few, too!

  4. I hope you share the pig pumpkin that sounds so cute. Great list for fall! I love doing all of that.

  5. I saw a forecast that said the temps should be going down a little over the next week or 2. I sure am hoping because I would love to go on a hike as well! And it's hard to get pics of fall leaves around here. Sometimes they turn by Thanksgiving or Christmas but sometimes we don't get much of anything!

  6. That is a great to do list and I sure hope you share a photo of her "pig" when it's done. I have fond memories of our pumpkin decorating contests from when I was in elementary school (we weren't allowed to carve either). Pinned.

  7. Fun! I always write out lists but have never done a post on them

  8. A seasonal to-do list sounds fun, whether for an individual or a family!

  9. Great list! I want to sit by a fire and make s'mores!


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