Thursday, June 11, 2015

Book Review: The Good Girl's Guide To Great Sex

(and you thought bad girls have all the fun)
by Sheila Wray Gregoire
The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex (And You Thought Bad Girls Have All the Fun)  -     By: Sheila W. Gregoire
Partial Synopsis from Christian Book:  Whether you're about to get married, newly married, or still figuring things out, The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex will show you why good girls have more fun!
My Thoughts:  My favorite line from this book is "Lots of people are having sex.  Very few are making love."  I enjoyed Sheila's frank, yet humorous, approach to intimacy.  A few paragraphs had me laughing out loud.  It's great how several pages offer advice and commentary from ladies other than Sheila titled:  A Good Girl Speaks.  After 29 years of marriage, I'm not sure I really learned anything new, but loved the Good Girl Dares sprinkled throughout the chapters.  I would definitely recommend it for young brides and engaged couples.  As a not-so-young bride, but still completely smitten with my husband, it was a fun little book with a few nuggets for the bedroom we might have forgotten.
What are you reading?
;-)  -Marci


  1. Wonderful! I'm laughing for a couple of reasons... One being I saw this in my feed and thought oh great.. SCA... Has been hijacked! But no. Whew! What a relief.
    Secondly.. Forgotten nuggets! Laughable... We haven't forgotten... Is say the spirit is willing; but the flesh is week! LOL... Now I'm curious. I may have to give this one a read.
    Thanks Marci!

    1. Thanks, Pat! I really hesitated about publishing this post even though I wrote it a long time ago. Just recently, I recommended this book to a neighbor and wondered how many married women might find helpful? If you choose to read it, I bet you (and your husband) will be glad you did! ;-) -Marci

  2. Here from Merry Monday. You know it was the title that grabbed me! God created sex, so if we're doing it right, within marriage, it should be wonderful!

    1. Right? Sex should be wonderful with our husbands! I am so glad I read this fun little book! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. You are welcome! I hope some of your sweet readers find it helpful! -Marci

  4. This is an awesome review... There really is a difference between having sex and making love. Forgotten nuggets... LOL. Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! We'd love to have you for a visit. The Door Opens Friday! :)

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