Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dutch Baby Pancakes

This post is going to take some explaining.  Are you comfortable? 
I was visiting Pammy Sue at Scotty's Place, reading THIS POST.  I love hanging out with Pammy Sue!  She is super funny!  So, THIS POST leads me to THAT POST at Posie Gets Cozy where I get to meet Alicia who has wonderful photos!  Well, Alicia's post has YET ANOTHER LINK which is a really yummy recipe for Dutch Baby Pancakes!  Whew!  Did you follow all of that?  ;-)  It's a good thing you were comfortable, huh?  ;-) 

So, yeah, the really yummy recipe for Dutch Pancakes.  Alicia made them and recommended them.  Pammy Sue whipped up some and said they were tasty.  So, guess what?  Yep!  I gave them a try, too!  It  takes three eggs!  Since we have chickens, I'm always looking for ways to use eggs AND we are currently harvesting blackberries! 
We didn't have any lemons for the lemon sugar, so I substituted a lime for that and added some blackberries on top.  Something I especially like about this recipe is that the sugar is added after baking is complete.  None is actually in the batter.  Handsome Husband doesn't like things quite as sweet as I do.  We could each choose the amount of sweetness we preferred! 
Mmmmm...  A lovely Summer breakfast that we enjoyed on our back porch!
'Sending a big THANKS to Pammy Sue and Alicia!  What are you loving about Summer?
;-)  -Marci


  1. So glad you enjoyed the Dutch Baby! And thank you for your sweet words. They made my day! If I can make one person smile or giggle with my posts, my goal is accomplished. Your idea of adding the berries to the top is wonderful. How was the lime though? I had a lime when I made ours, but I wasn't sure how that would mesh with the other flavors. Enjoy your Sunday! ♥

  2. This sounds so delicious. Thank you for sharing and your variations. I just met Pammy Sue recently and so enjoyed her blog and humor.
    Have a great Monday!

  3. I'm a sucker for the sweet stuff! This looks reaaaaally gooooood. =0)

  4. Oh love the pic's, and enjoyed the dutch baby pancakes with plump juicy blackberries, sprinkle lit bit more sugar please, I do love we some fresh berries with lots sugar....I'm new following. And new rider for the Great Blog Train, and enjoying every minute....I've followed the three steps, followed (5) got on board with link-up and now have enjoyed dinning here on your dinning car.

  5. oh sounds yummy! looks like they would be good with about any berry or fruit on top too which means you can make it every weekend and never get bored! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  6. Thanks for the recipe. Thanks for linking up at Tell Me About It Tuesday. We hope you hop over and share with us again next week.

  7. This looks delish, Marci! Great recipe! Thank you bunches for linking up and partying with us this week!


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