Monday, October 29, 2012

Of Being a Blog Angel

Has the month of October really passed already?  This has been an interesting time of being angelic to Holli of

even though our time is officially over, I'll be following Holli's blog for a very long time.  I just love her to pieces!

She is a self proclaimed wine drinking, travel loving, Harley riding Texas girl!  Her favorite color is orange and she loves celebrating Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Holli!

At the beginning of my angelic duties, I was struck by Holli's sweet spirit. Her writing style is sincere, humorous and full of adventure. Cruising through older posts, it is surprising how much we have in common! Holli is clearly intelligent and kind, with a heart as beautiful as her hair. She has responded to each of my comments and we have become electronic pen pals. I cherish this new relationship.

The Blog Angel for me?  That would be Sarah of

All Things Blogs

We've exchanged addresses and are mailing sweet treats to one another.  Sarah is a darling!

Let me introduce you to the real angel though. Rosie at Craftbotic organizes Blog Angels every two months. The basic idea is bloggers helping bloggers expecting nothing in return! How lovely is that?!


I'm so glad I participated!

May angels smile upon you!  ;-)  -Marci

Great Spring Gardens begin in the Fall

Although chilly Saturday, several Northwest Arkansas Gardeners gathered at  Songbird Gardens to attend a *FREE* Fall Gardening Class, Great Spring Gardens begin in the Fall, hosted by Tiffany of

Tiffany presented a step by step program on lasagna garden mulch.

She discussed multiple options for materials,

giving tips on how to find these items at little or no cost.

 Frequently giving credit to her grandfather, we were invited to view her beds through out her property.  Touring her lovely backyard garden was very motivational.
A particularly interesting topic for me was the use of cover crops.  I've read about them, but have not actually used any of them.
Songbird Gardens is host to buckwheat,



and Austrian winter peas.
Check out the veggies planted for winter.



Tiffany cut back and transplanted kale near her kitchen door.  What a treat on cold days!

 This pot of herbs will continue to make tasty dishes! 
There were a few summer plants still producing.  The cold temps this week may force us to say goodbye to tomatoes and have us harvesting gourds.
Each participant left Songbird Gardens with free seeds!  What a wonderful gift for gardeners!
 My favorite advice from the class was, "Learn to Garden from your Neighbors".  Each gardening zone has its own challenges of weather and soil.

Tiffany's enthusiasm is definitely contagious!  She even let us peek inside her garden shed for a great lesson on drying peppers!
 Songbird Gardens  is not only a place of beauty, but also of bounty.  
Visit  20 by 20  to learn easy ways to prepare for Spring from a very knowledgeable gardener!   
Happy gardening!  ;-)  -Marci 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six Favorite Tools & a Linky

Suzannah of   Adventures in Dressmaking 

is hosting a  Nice to Meet You  link party

along with
Jeanette @ Artchoo
Sentrell @ Suite Seven
The hostesses are asking an interesting question: 

What are the top 6 tools that you like to use? 

Here's my list.
1.  The Holy Bible.  The Instruction Book for a life well lived.  Even though I fail so very often and in so many ways, I hate to think what I would be like without God's guidance and grace.  There are three translations of the Holy Bible on my nightstand.

2.  The Camera.  It was a Christmas gift from my Handsome Husband.  Interestingly, I think I like it best when he is using it.  I love seeing the world from his perspective. 
3.  The Greenhouses.  These were birthday gifts from Handsome Husband.  Oh, how I love them!  They are currently hosting herbs and carrots as well as protecting pots of elephant ears, lantana and calibrachoa.   Lettuce and radish seeds were planted in them just yesterday.  We have a bounty of  vegetables year round thanks to the greenhouses.
4.  Our laptops.  The lovely land of blogs is new to me.  I'm enjoying meeting bloggers from far and wide.  There are so many levels of creativity and charm.  Thank you to all the bloggers who have welcomed me into the neighborhood!
5.  My Sewing Machine.  My mother can sew very well.  She made so many clothes for us when we were still at home.  Even my prom dresses were sewn by my mom!  While I will never have her skill set, sewing makes me feel connected to her.

6.  Kitchen Scissors.  I have about a gazillion pairs of kitchen scissors.  Most of them are pink.  Some are in the kitchen.  Others are in the craft room.  A few are in the greenhouses.  If you have something that needs to be clipped, chopped or whacked, kitchen scissors can do the job!

Hmmm...  I'm surprised my crock pot didn't make the top 6.  What are your favorite tools? 

;-)  -Marci

Domesblissity Feature

I've been featured!!
Thank you to Anne of
for featuring my tutorial on how to change a regular ol' Men's T-shirt into a cute

 Boat Neck T ! 

(All my T-Shirt Makeovers can be seen on the "Projects 4 ME" page!)

Thank you, Anne!  You really know how to make my day!

;-)  -Marci

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holli of Holli's Hoots and Hollers

May I tell you more about being a Blog Angel?  I was assigned
Holli is delightful!  We have become electronic pen pals.  Here is a questionnaire Holli answered!

What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?

My cousin Lauren had a blog and I really enjoyed reading it. I actually started my blog a year ago in August when my Dad was leaving the country for a stem cell treatment. I was in a lot of worry and turmoil and I literally decided one day to start it so I could get some of my feelings off my chest. Then just went from there.

Tell me a little about your family- dogs too:

I don’t have any kids of my own or pets at the moment. My boyfriend has 2 kids and we get them every other weekend. I enjoy them so much. I have a brother, a step brother and a stepsister that I love like my own. I have 3 nieces total and one more on the way. I LIVE to spoil my nieces. I love them so much and they make me happier than I could ever imagine. I guess never having children of my own, may be the reason I’m crazy attached to my nieces. My Mom and her husband live in Montana and my Dad and amazing stepmom Deb live less than an hour away. My grandma, she goes by Nanny, is in her 80’s and I also try to visit her as often as I can. She lives a few hours away, but what’s a few hours when it comes to quality time with the ones you love! :-)

What are your hobbies and interests?

Well, I love to go JUNKIN at garage sales, craft shows, flea markets, etc. I like to “repurpose” items and I’m amazed at the good stuff people get rid of. I also am very active with a National group called CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association). My boyfriend, Todd, and I have a Heritage softtail 100th anniversary Harley Davidson. We go everywhere on it. I grew up in a Harley family and it’s part of who am for sure. I love to read A LOT  and another big interest I have is music. I go to a lot of concerts or just local places to watch bands. To go with the music, I never get tired of dancing. Dancing is also something I’ve enjoyed but I don’t get to do much at all.

Do you have a favorite color?

Orange. Oh, how I love orange. I loved orange before it was cool. My friends even made fun of me in school when I said Orange because it wasn’t purple or pink or a popular color. When I think about Harley’s main colors are orange and black and Halloween’s colors are orange and black which is my fave holiday. There is a pattern for sure.

Do you work outside of the home?

I do. I’m a corporate trainer for a distribution company and going on my 18th year there. I love my job and I get to travel quite a bit, too.  

Are you doing anything fun for Halloween  (decoration wise)?

YES! My Honey and I are having a small get together for some friends and family. I’ve been decorating now for a few weeks. Is there a support group for me because I’m seriously out of control from buying more Halloween decorations, wine, and candy for the party.  Everyday. I have almost every room decked out with some sort of decoration. I love Halloween and it’s my time that I go crazy. I actually am pretty tame during Christmas and just use the same stuff every year. Christmas is fun but it’s NOT HALLOWEEN!

What are your next goals for your blog for 2013?

I need to learn how to put other options on my blog for people to follow me. Right now I just have email or GFC options. Like maybe BlogLovin, or something. Anyone reading this-can you help me? I’d like to get better organized on my posts. I’ve very very random.

Tell us about yourself on any topic that you feel like talking/writing about:

I just want to say how fortunate I am to have made some genuine new friends just from blogging. I am pretty honest and I put some personal stuff out there. It makes us vulnerable and open for people to judge or to make crappy comments. I’ve been blessed that I haven’t encountered anyone too bad. I am a part of a Texas Blogging group that has a facebook page. This group is amazing to give
support and helpful hints on each other’s blogs. I’ve had people let me know when I had the annoying captcha thing on or if my reply back wasn’t working. That’s what we need is more helpful honest people. I still have loads to learn but I am grateful every single day that someone stops to read what I posted.
I also want to say that you are a great Blog Angel and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have been paired with. I enjoy you so much and I love having you as a friend now. When are you coming to Texas?!

Now that you know a little more about Holli, you want to go to Texas with me, don't you?!  Being a Blog Angel has been wonderful!  I am so glad I got to meet Holli! 
;-)  -Marci

Easy Punched Card

Hand made cards...  Perfect for hand made gifts, don't you think?  ;-)

This is another super - quick hand made gift card.  Simply grab a scrap of card stock, fold in half, and give it a quick punch.

Slip a piece of contrasting card stock or paper behind the punch and glue in place.

Add a hole or two so it can be attached to your gift.

Remember to write your sentiments inside!  (Have you ever tried to do that after it's tied to the gift?)

There ya go...  A hand made card on a hand made gift.

Another Hand Made Gift Card can be seen HERE .
If you are curious about the purple Gobblin' Gus Container , click HERE .

He holds the Best Caramel Corn Recipe EVER .  Oh, yeah!  Just click  HERE for the recipe.

;-)  -Marci

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Pasture, By Robert Frost

 I'm going out to clean the pasture spring;

I'll only stop to rake the leaves away 

(And wait to watch the water clear, I may):

I shan't be gone long.  You come, too.
I'm going to fetch the little calf

That's standing by the mother.  It's so young,

 It totters when she licks it with her tongue.
I shan't be gone long.  You come, too.

 The photos of our beautiful Ozark Mountains were taken by Handsome Husband. 
Happy Fall, Y'all!  ;-)  -Marci

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Pickin' Time on 59

My sweet friend, Holli, of Holli's Hoots and Hollers , wrote the funniest post titled Gone Junkin' 2 Weeks in a Row YEEHAW! . You must see the photo she posts at the very bottom. It applies to every single female member of my family!  Especially these two gals...  ;-) 

(My sister on the right, our aunt on the left.)  When I was born, they were part of the welcoming committee!  I love them both very much. 

Last weekend we visited the northwest corner of Northwest Arkansas for Pickin' Time on 59.  What a fun day - even though the weather was tricky!  The wind was harsh and there was light drizzle.  No worries, though.  We were busy talking!
Some places were selling amazing antiques.  See my shopping buddies checking out the best deals?  Auntie found a wonderful cast iron bench at this stop!

There were lots of Autumn decor options mixed with our laughter.  I am definitely stealing some craft ideas on display!

We found school fundraisers, bake sales, glassware and giggles.  Lots of giggles.  There's something special about hanging with gals that have known you since birth.
I purchased both these cloches for only $5.00!  (Right now, they are in the butterfly garden!)

Jewelry...  Check it out!  It's interesting how Pickin' Time on 59 was part collectibles, part craft fair and part yard sales. 
What a fabulous mix!

More antiques along with more chit chat!

Tons of Halloween ideas...  Aren't these BOO buckets and blocks darling?!  Polka dots just make me smile!  Simple, yet spectacular!

The same vendor had this studded pumpkin paired with blackbirds!  'Great spooky, hip idea!  She was very sweet and told me she used to write a blog.  I encouraged her to begin again.  What a genius!  The rest of us need to see her creativity in action!

This jacket is my favorite buy for *GET THIS*  50 cents!  'Cute, huh?  Please give me ideas on how to style it.  This is pretty splashy for me!
It's a little embarassing to show you just how jam packed my car was, but we're all friends, right?

Can you see my sister organizing items?  It's a good thing my back seats can be lowered for more space!  The white basket - looking thing is a bassinette I bought for $20!  I know, right?

Please don't judge three crazy shoppers driving a small car!  ;-) 

Does it look like one of those clown cars?!  There were actually two more stops after this and we made purchases!  It was so funny.  We had to huddle and discuss where things would fit before we bought something!  My sister kept joking she was going to ride on top of the car!  Whew!  It's a good thing we stopped when we did.  We might have lost my sister on a corner!  ;-)   

Pickin' Time on 59 will definitely be an annual event for us.  Grab your favorite shoppin' buddies and join us next year! 

You'll be smiling when you remember the day!  Right, Holli?  ;-)  -Marci